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In our congregation, God has placed faithful men and women who have accepted the call to serve the needs of the church.

Let me introduce you to the people who are serving as our Board of Directors.  They are (in alphabetical order): Jody Browning, Josephine Dibble, Paul Eltiste, Bob Kessler, Heather Manning, Mark Manning, Richard Manning, Louise Reichwein, Craig Seboldt.

We meet monthly, discussing the overall ministry and direction of Searchlight Ministries.  We have an amazing group of lay leaders and I thank God for the incredible teamwork and open, honest discussions that took place. What a joy it was to work with such fine people!  They are all dedicated to the spiritual well-being of Searchlight and its members and all of its future members!  If there is anything further you would like to know about the meeting, please talk to me and I can share more details about our meeting and our discussions and decisions.

-Pastor Mark

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